2009: "A Way Out" marks the return of Vincent, former IN MEMORIA's singer, after some featuring on tributes and remixes under the nickname of Wytlyt, he returns with his solo project: SOUL STALKER.
A minimal Dark electro, tensed, 100% cold electronic on a background of industrial landscape, SOUL STALKER takes roots into old school electro such as Klinik, Plastic Noise Experience and Dark wave (Project Pitchfork, Suicide Commando).

A permanent clash between an icy world of lack, of frustration and depression, and a furious desire to resist, to find a way out... to dance!

The melodies are simple and merely efficient ("The Mirror"), dark and whirling basses and EBM beats, almost martial and aggressive rhythms give to this cold electro a very dancefloor side.
Harassing synth sounds and heavy metal saturated (as in "Lost Souls" or the very industrial "Pain") charge the atmosphere.

And the voice hammers down the nail, cold, nervous, or disillusioned, perfectly sticky to very personal lyrics.

His first live appearences (Kata Bar, Le Klub, La Cantada II) gave him the opportunity to show an original and personal style. Tensed, cold but also stirring and energetic.
The 11 songs of "A Way Out" go straight to essentials, they are direct, efficient; a real shock therapy through the body to the mind.


1996 : Former singer and co-composer in the now dead cold-electro-gothic band 'In Memoria' (1 demo tape, 1 MCD, 1 CD)

1999 : An aborted dark-electro project 'Overbeyond'

Years of wait and waist

2003 : A first mood, instrumental, cinematographic impulsed by 'Arena' from Oil 10

Years of doubt and lost

2006 : A second mood, minimal cold electro songs influenced by Klinik, Kirlian Camera, Dive, Covenant and maybe so many more...

The story starts here !

2009 : Release of the debut album "a way out" on Manic Depression Records, 11 tracks, mixed with Claude El Banna from Coltpig.

The story stops here...

2010 : After a few gigs (with Modern Cubism, No More, Lith, Groupe T, Bak XIII, Empusae...) a lack of promo, feedback and time. Soul Stalker stops quietly. Starts a new experiment, cover songs with his friend Sylvgheist Maelstrom but in an industrial way (NIN, Joy Division, but alos Massive Attack, Portishead...). Then they decide to write their own songs as a new project SYLKER where the industrial landscapes of Sylvgheist Maelstrom encounters the minimal distorted vocals of Soul Stalker.

A new story to follow...



Sylker Soul Stalker




"A Way Out" the songs in this player are only low fi demos to get the real stuf, get the album !

10€ (worldwide shipping included)

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